Gtel 9H Full Glue Screen Protector

The mobile phone screen protector industry has always been looking for better products, however, every product update will soon be iterated by new ones. For the past years, Gtel Grup 9H full glue screen protector is one of the few products that has become a benchmark.

The screen protector series has been the hottest product in the market. The 9H full glue screen protector has recently ushered in product upgrades, so that customers can enjoy more satisfied products.

High-quality glass, better quality

In order to provide higher strength, scratch resistance and impact resistance without increasing the thickness, the new screen protector is made of higher-quality glass materials, Which has been widely used in special fields such as aviation glass, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail windshields, etc., It is difficult to process the glass material. However, wear resistance and scratch resistance will be greatly improved. There is no need to worry about unsightly screen scratches, Even it is scratched with hard objects such as keychains,

Bigger curved edges

Compared with the 2D right-angle edge, the 2.5D curved edge screen protector can fully fit the edge of the original screen, that provide comprehensive protection for the mobile phone while bringing a comfortable and delicate feel in hand. However, curved edge means more difficult to process and higher cost. Therefore, not all screen protectors will use 2.5D curved edge.

The radian of the new screen protector has been upgraded and more beautiful, the radian is over 80μm, Just to bring a better user experience to users.


Screen printing technology upgrade

Ultra-bright and ultra-thin nano-ink is used for screen print, it looks pretty good with the big curved edge and the crystal glass.

Packaging upgrade, colorful plate

  In addition to the improvement of the product itself, the packaging used has also been improved. The new screen protector use a 1:1 plate and glass screen protector. This is the first time that colorful plate design was introduced. Through crystal screen protector. You can see the bright and delicate color plate. The orange representing enthusiasm and hope is matched with the Himalayas of the peak. Not only more eye-catching, but also represents Innovative product spirit.


This allows consumers to continue to obtain high-quality products, just as the Mietubl brand strives to be a brand that allows dealers to make money and satisfy consumers.

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